S.I.L Therapty for Acne and Scars

Additional Information

The appearance of brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, thread veins and age pigmentation spots can make you look older than you actually are. Super Intense  Light Therapy can soften and reduce the appearance of a number of very specific skin problems and conditions including: Acne
Thread veins
Age Pigmentation spots
Sun damage 


Super Intense Light Therapy reduces the appearance of a number of very specific skin problems and conditions.
In fact Super IPL treatment can  be so effective that only two top-ups per year might be needed to maintain results after your initial treatment. 

Treatment costs

Super Intense Light Therapy costs depend very much on your individual needs. The Healthy Skin Clinic always recommend a series of treatments to achieve the best results. As a guide we recommend a course of 3 to 6 treatments. A discount of 30% is offered for blocks of 6 treatments paid in advance

How Super Intense Light Therapy Works

Super Intense Light Therapy uses e-motion technology, more advanced than standard IPL treatments. Older IPL methods are painful and have more risks associated than SILT Technology. This allows for reduced pain levels which can be described as a warm,  tingling massage.  This heats the dermal tissue without harming the outer epidermal layers of the skin. The body’s natural processes then work to break down and remove these marks. The appearance of any skin imperfection is then visibly reduced.

What Super Intense Light Therapy involves

A cooling gel is first applied to the area to be treated and you’ll be asked to wear protective eyewear. A state-of-the-art SHR-300 machine is then gently applied. This delivers smooth pulses of light that eliminate the pigment or imperfection without damaging surrounding tissue. The machine has an inbuilt cooling head which freeze's to a temperature of -5oC. This allows for a comfortable treatment and further minimises any risks associated with the treatment.

How long does it take and after your Super Intense Light Therapy?

The treatment is pain-free but you may experience a slight tingling sensation and have some redness after for an hour or so. Treatment time differs depending on the area treated.

Super Intense Light Therapy results

Your skin will appear fresher, rejuvenated and younger-looking even after just a few treatments and the benefits of a full course can last up to a year. Visible results can be dramatic with increased collagen production,  toning and improving the elasticity of your skin. Super Intense Light Therapy is effective in itself,  but a combination of treatments could enhance results further.

Regular treatments keep skin looking young and vibrant

We also recommend a top-up treatment once or twice a year to maintain your rejuvenated skin. Initially, around 6 treatments at 3 week intervals is usually required.

Super Intense Light Therapy with other treatments

Super Intense Light Therapy  is effective in itself but a combination of treatments could enhance results further. Our other treatments capable of giving you firmer, younger-looking skin include Microdermabrasion and Mandelic facial peels. Deep lines or wrinkles might also benefit from Collagen Induction Therapy and/or Radio Frequency.

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