Laser Lipolysis

 Laser Lipolysis is a revolutionary technology for spot fat reduction; the treatment of cellulite and for skin tightening on both men and women. The fat-melting laser diodes used are a safe, painless, non-invasive and fast treatment for inch loss and body contouring

Laser Lipolysis is a revolutionary inch loss treatment . Ultra safe, low level laser light disrupts the cell membranes just beneath the area of the skin used by the body to store excess fat. This releases the fats and water into the lymphatic and venous system as a readily available source of fuel for the body. Laser Lipolysis works, by using a fine and controlled light beam which selectively heats fat. This causes the solid fat to melt into an oily liquid, which can then be easily removed. The fine laser beam can also heat the under surface of the skin, leading to collagen contraction, without burning the top surface of the skin.

​If used as a stand alone treatment, a course is usually recommended. Can be used alongside other treatments.

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